Switzerland 2022

Switzerland 2022

Another trip to the Jungfrau region this summer. The pull of this region is strong, as is the nostalgia. I guess it’s because I spent most of my summers here up to the age of 23 or so.

Once again accommodation was provided by Canvas Holidays on Camping Manor Farm. It was the most cost effective way of doing things and certainly was more convenient than a 2-day drive each way and taking my own tent.

An early EasyJet flight out of Gatwick to Basel was cheap and efficient enough, and contrary to all the scare stories in the press about airport delays, getting through Gatwick security was quick and easy. From Basel the slick Swiss transport system made things easy. A bus from the airport to Basel SBB station, then a direct train Interlaken. The SBB app is brilliant for booking tickets on the go and not once did I have a problem.

The Jungfrau travel pass is highly recommended for local travel, it saved a fortune. I later worked out that I’d had cCHF750 of travel on a ticket that cost me CHF250. The highlight this year was the new Eiger Express cable car from Grindelwald Terminal to Eigergletscher, part of the V-Bahn project, and an astounding feat of engineering.

In terms of the walking I managed a few great walks that I’d not done before including a really pleasant walk along the shore of Brienzersee from Giessbach to Iseltwald, a nice easy morning around Wengen walking to Hunnefluh for some astounding views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and a brutal climb from Wengen to Maennlichen – 4km linear distance with an ascent of +1200m by the time you’d got to the Maennlichen Gipfel!

The weather was superb all week with temps in the high 20s/low 30s. A brilliant holiday and it set me up nicely for the return which hopefully will be in 2023. One thing I did notice that made me laugh was the sheer amount of Instagrammers and tiktokkers around. Dressed completely inappropriately but obviously for ‘the shot’ and they spent hours queuing for a vantage point. I lost count of the times I’d see someone step off the cable car, take the shot then return to the valley floor. Bonkers.

Some of the highlights