Choosing a privacy first email provider.

Choosing a privacy first email provider.

Following on from here and here I spoke about the move from google to a privacy first provider.

I investigated all the big players including ProtonMail, Tutanota, MailFence etc, I even considered the risks of running my own mailserver using something like mail-in-a-box but I’ve been there, done that, and don’t fancy doing it all again.

Long story short but I settled on a premium account from Tutanota with a new domain to start using for our ‘serious’ mails, keeping the long-running domain and email addresses for stuff that we’re not too bothered about.


  • Tutanota have their own client across most common platforms
  • The client can include calendars and contacts, both fully encrypted
  • Lots of security and encryption stuff which you can read about here
  • It’s cheap, working out at €1/month/user for the basic premium package
  • It works, and seems to work well, so far we’ve had no issues
  • Dead easy to use with a custom domain too


  • No import feature to take your existing mailbox with you. This may be a deal breaker for some but it gave me the opportunity to effectively start again
  • No facility to use mail clients such as Outlook or mac mail, you have to use the tutatnota client
  • Shared calendars and additional storage bump the price up considerably but to no more than ProtonMail or Gsuite
  • It seems a small development team so new features etc can be slow, their roadmap is published however
  • A small risk of the company not surviving or being hoovered up by a bigger player
  • A small risk (anecdotal on reddit) of mails from tutatnota being rejected by some providers

Overall I’m happy with the service and the choice I made. I have a very secure, encrypted mailbox for all my sensitive stuff compared to the google world, I have the choice of using the tutanota encrypted calendar and contacts or my own self-hosted cal/carddav services, and it is at a price that I am more than willing to pay.