Do I need a drone?

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of amateur travel vlogs on youtube and most of them obviously have use of a drone for those arty aerial shots. This got me googling and naturally it seems the market leaders are the various drones from DJI. Further googling led me to the various requirements you need to have in place to fly in the UK which then led me to the lightweight drones that are under 250g.

Reading the various forums and facebook groups, it appears what I need is a DJI Mini-2 or Mini SE. The price made me gulp a bit and re-evaluate why I wanted one. How often would I use it? What would I do with the resulting video? Ebay prices are just as bonkers so I parked the idea for a bit.

Then I came across a couple of you-tubers using a gimbal with their mobile phone and this got me thinking again. A gimbal would probably see more use than a drone, it’s a damn site cheaper and probably more aligned with my needs/wants. Google, youtube and forums to the rescue again and I’ve narrowed it down to a zhiyun or a DJI.

Ebay prices are not quite as a bonkers so I have a few searches set and hopefully soon I’ll be able to see what’s what.