New tent

New tent

My trusty Vango Gamma recently bit the dust and to be honest, I’m getting a bit old to be on my knees all the time, so I was on the hunt for a new tent. I have simple requirements:

  1. I can stand up in it, either very nearly or fully
  2. I can put it up on my own
  3. It must have a bedroom big enough for my campbed (told you I was old!)
  4. It must have a bit of storage space

I took myself off to the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show at the NEC hoping to have a good nosey about at the offerings from the major players.

I was disappointed with the tents on display, very few manufacturers were present and most of the tents on display were the huge 5 person + air tents, completely not what I was looking for. However, Dometic/Kampa had a contender in their Brean 3 Air, as did Vango with their new Skye500 in their ‘made from recycled bottles’ earth collection.

The Brean 3 looked a little ‘old fashioned’ and I can’t really get my head around the fact I’d also need to carry an air pump in the car to put the damn thing up. The Vango Skye500 was nice but a little on the large side.

Coleman had some fantastic tents on display, as did Outwell (whose tents are a definite step up from the likes of Vango et al) and then I came across the Khyam stand. I’d been browsing their website a while back and liked a few of their smaller tents but none were on display at the NEC. I asked one of their reps why and he said “we have them here, what did you want to see?”. Result!

The Biker Plus SE was one I’d seen on their website that piqued my interest, mainly due to their patented RapidexTM pole system. The claim is that the tent can be put up in under two minutes and then the rep proceeded to demonstrate just that!

A brilliant tent with everything I need – easy to put up and I can stand up in it. I loved the fact the groundsheet and inner tent all stay connected and the RapidexTM system was as easy as you like. Couple this with a very attractive show price, and some extras thrown in, and it was a case of ‘SOLD’. Delivery expected sometime in April.