We're back!

More Majorum Lodge No.7786
More Majorum Lodge No.7786.

Since HM Govt announced the timeline for the easing of restrictions back in April (or whenever it was) we've been planning our much delayed installation meeting (where we install our new Worshipful Master). Due to UGLE's obscure rules we had to apply for a dispensation to move the date and time of the meeting and we selected the 26th June 2021, hoping most of the restrictions would be gone.

However, HM Govt pushed back the easing of restrictions into July which gave us a bit of an issue. Farnborough Masonic Centre announced their risk assessment allowed up to 26 for a meeting with appropriate social distancing, and up to 26 dining spread out on tables of 6. Needs must and all that so we went ahead and sadly had to restrict visitors in order to allow a members first approach.

Still, we did it. We had to change some of the floorwork on the fly to comply with social distancing and we also had to dispense with all singing, toasts and wine taking. A strange meeting then, but it was nice to be back to some form of normality. We have now pencilled in an extra meeting in October to finally initiate the 2 men who have been patiently waiting since November 2019!