New phone sim needed

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Smarty sim only offering.

A few years ago we ditched the 'phone with a contract thing' and decided we'd just buy a handset and go sim only. We don't need all-singing all-dancing phones and, having investigated, the batch of phones around the £200 mark are more than adequate for our needs. If we get 2-3 years out them then it's all good.

Through a work loyalty scheme I managed to blag a 3 sim only deal for £7/each/month giving us 4GB data and unlimited texts/calls. This was a twelve month deal and came to an end recently whereupon 3 wanted to double my monthly bill for no increase in service - they can jog on. I trawled the usual suspects to narrow down some sim only deals and came across Smarty. I'd never heard of them before but it seems they use 3's infrastructure and their offerings were most appealing.

Long story short - 2 sims in a family bundle (a further 10% saving), no contract, 16GB of data between us, and unlimited calls/texts is now costing me under £10/month for the both of us. 5G at no extra cost too! So far so good, the account is all managed online, the reporting is good and the transfer of our numbers occurred without issue. Colour me happy.