Android phone driving me nuts

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Android - frustrating little bugger.

I've mentioned elsewhere that I tend to buy my phones outright rather than have them on contract. For the last 18 months or so I've been running a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro - a beast of a phone with great specs for the price. It has everything I need, dual sim, SDCard support, a decent camera array and a mahoosive battery.

When it arrived I found a nifty little tool that enabled me to remove all the Xiaomi bloatware and disable certain apps that couldn't be removed so I was fairly happy. I added a Samsung 64GB SDCard and everything was hunky dory until the last 10 days or so. I was trying to add some more music to the SDCard and the usual, crap Android File Transfer tool just didn't want to play. I then resorted to installing the Synology file app to copy the files from my NAS to the phone. This worked ok (but took ages) but I did notice the phone got very hot and even after the copy process had finished the battery drained very quick. Something was afoot.

For the next week or so the phone was just operating in a sporadic way. Some apps would work, others just didn't start, others crashed, needing a hard reboot every time to get the phone back. I also took delivery of a Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 gimbal and the ZY Play app just didn't want to know. I tried other apps for the gimbal and they just crapped out too. Troubleshooting had to take a back seat as I was away for a few days during which, the phone was a nightmare. It got to the stage where even the alarm app didn't want to work.

Arriving home I took the decision to blitz it back to factory and start to add my apps one at a time. A factory rebuild seemed to sort it out. All the apps worked ok, even the bag-o-shite that is ZY Play. Happy days. I added my SDCard back in and boom, lots of the niggles raised their head again. After a bit of experimenting it seemed to be that any app that tried to save to the SDCard got its knickers in a twist. Take the SDCard out and the phone was perfect.

I know SDCards have a finite life (anyone running Raspberry Pis will know the issues SDCards can cause!) and then realised this particular card had been in the 2 previous phones so must be about 6 years old by now. Time to sack it off I think. Amazon to the rescue and a sparkly new 256GB card is on the way. What a ballache though, but something to file away for future reference, it took me back to the bad old days of dealing with failing disks. Still, the new card is much cheaper than a new phone!